Encyclopedia of Marxism: I


Idea Idealism
Idealist conception of History Identity Politics
Identity, the Law of Ideology
Ideology (Althusser) Il-sung, Kim (1912-1994)
Illusory Being [or Semblance] Ilyenkov, Evald Vasilyevich (1924-1979)
Immediate knowledge Imperialism
Impossibilism In and For Itself
In Itself Inber, Vera (1890-1972)
Independent Labour Party Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany
Indian National Congress Individual
Individualism and Collectivism Induction
Industrial Workers of the World Inflation
Inkpin, Albert (1884-1944) Instrumental Reason and Communicative Reason
Instruments of Labour Intellectual Property
Inter-District Organisation of United Social-Democrats International and the War
International Council Correspondence Living Marxism International Left Opposition
International Socialism (1958-1978) International Socialism (London 1958-1978)
International Socialist Bureau (I.S.B.) International Women's Day (March 8)
International Working Mens Association Internationale group
Internationalism Intuition
Intuitionism Invisible Hand
Iron Curtain Iskra (Spark)
Italian Socialist Party Izvestia (News)
Izvestia Soveta Rabochikh Deputatov (Bulletin of the Soviet of Workers' Deputies) Izvestia Vserossiiskogo Soveta Krestyanskikh (News of the All-Russia Soviet of Peasants' Deputies)